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Financial Services Practicing Presence with a Purpose

Financial Services Practicing Presence with a Purpose

“You need a common tool that can provide analytics across all of your collaboration platforms to help you figure out what's happening now and what you need in the future. That's Vyopta.”

- Senior Director

This financial group is a private not-for-profit American organization regulating member brokerage firms and exchange markets. It is dedicated to protecting investors and safeguarding market integrity while facilitating dynamic capital markets. In fact, they oversee 600,000+ brokers across the United States and analyze billions of daily market events.


The Challenge

Back in 2016-2017, this financial organization was heavily invested in Cisco and was experimenting with Zoom for virtual meetings. In the office space, they also utilized Avaya and Cisco phones as well as Cisco endpoints in their conference rooms. With this mixed environment, they needed end user reporting for each collaboration platform to determine what provided the best digital experience for end users. Facilitating around 52 billion transactions each day required and continues to always require high quality collaboration nationwide.


Turning to Vyopta

  • Vyopta supported this financial group’s demand for utilization reports for its entire UC environment, revealing how and when platforms are being used by end users which gave the IT team and leadership a better understanding of the quality of digital collaboration.
  • Vyopta showed how rooms were being used (i.e., presentation, large group calls, 1x1s) which helped justify the investments in conference room technology and identify whether further investment was required or if space needed to be reallocated. 
  • During the pandemic, this organization became hyper focused on fully supporting remote and hybrid work. This led to the goal and project of having nothing on-premises and making the environment 100% cloud. The organization leveraged Vyopta to monitor the transition’s progress as well as manage the entire UC environment’s quality of performance.

The Summary

As teams began to return to the office and hybrid meetings occurred, it became apparent that for this organization, meetings were more productive if they were either 100% in-person or 100% virtual. They introduced Presence with a Purpose (PWP) in July 2022. PWP encourages teams to hold meetings together in the office if they have a purpose for being there or keep the meetings remote. Vyopta’s insights into the organization’s meeting data helped them quantify the benefit of this program.


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