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Improve collaboration at your company by ensuring the performance of your Microsoft Teams deployment.

check w circleImprove video and voice quality and reliability

check w circleTrack, grow, and optimize use of UC technology

check w circleImprove ROI and efficiency of UC spend

check w circleOptimize Workspace utilization and reduce costs

check w circleImprove success of key initiatives that use video: 
          remote work, distance learning, and telehealth

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Five reasons
you need Vyopta
for Microsoft Teams

1. Single-pane-of-glass to optimize mixed multi-vendor UC environments

2.  Intuitive, flexible, user-friendly tool that admins can use immediately

3. Tools to proactively identify and      
     quickly troubleshoot issues

4. Visibility into video call quality

5. Business-relevant insights via
       tagging, customized reports

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