April Product Update

April Product Update

Sorry for the late homework

We started off the second quarter at a blistering pace in both marketing and development.  However, I want to follow Rule #76 today, so I am not going to make any excuses for why this is late and just write like a champion. Also, we are doing a webinar next week!  You should join!

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Webex Self-Service Connections

The big news this month is that we can now enable organizations that use Webex to gain insights and analytics from their environment in less than 2 minutes of work. You simply sign up,

Input your credentials (a Vyopta account will be created automatically)

When your data is ready we will let you know (24-48 hours).

Your new experience will come with 4 default dashboards based on our work with growing collaboration at hundreds of enterprises.  You can try the product for free for 14-days, and at that time you can choose to do a full deployment of Vyopta and integrate other platforms.

In addition, we are upgrading our capabilities for existing Vyopta Analytics for Webex customers by integrating Webex data into our Advanced Analytics environment.

Concurrent Meetings

One of the main ways to measure collaboration and its impact on your business is meetings. In addition, some vendors also build capacity according to the number of concurrent meetings (Cisco’s SMP and PMP licensing for one). It can also be very useful for looking at your daily peak activity and understanding your usage by technology platform.

You can also click on this chart just like any of our other capacity charts.

Jabber and Spark IM

Our vision of the future is to be a single dashboard for managing collaboration. A big part of that is chat, especially with the rise of persistent chat or  “team collaboration” apps. We have already been collecting IM and file sharing data from Skype for Business, but we are happy to be able to integrate data from Jabber and Spark messages as well.

Our goal is to eventually be able to profile users and meetings based on escalation and combination of various types of communication.  To translate this; we want to be able to show user preferences for certain types of communication, and we want to be able to tell when chats escalate to calls or meetings and how various conversations move across the modes of communication.  This inclusion of chat data is the first step to achieving that goal.

If you would like to see your IM data in vAnalytics, please contact support@vyopta.com today to make that connection to our data collector.

Other Launches

Support for IX5000 immersive endpoints - We can now directly monitor these incredible immersive endpoints from Cisco. This has been a challenge in the past because they are actually multiple codecs stitched together to perform as one.

That's it for this month!  Stay tuned for the May and June updates. We have something very big planned :)